Welcome to AaHa! RESTART

AaHa! RESTART is an elimination program featuring: NO gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, non-nutritive sweeteners, or packaged foods.  As a participant, you will learn to pre-plan, prepare and eat 3 wholesome meals each day  to "restart" your system.  Upon signing up you will receive a fuller outline of our program with plenty of delicious AaHa recipes and meal planning ideas. Since AaHa began in March of 2014, each and every team has been successful. Participants create new healthy habits, learn to cook nutritious wholesome meals that will keep them lean for life, learn how to order off a restaurant menu, and conclude the week feeling lighter, more energetic, and generally awesome (with glowing skin to boot). You should have a fairly clear social calendar the week you chose to sign up (no alcohol and gluten can be a bummer at a big birthday bash or when ordering at a fabulous foodie spot).  Join us for an AaHa Restart week soon and start making your health a priority.

Aa + Ha of AaHa Restart Cleanse

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