Take their word for it!

"Alexa & Hala - You have officially changed my life. I am so grateful. I'm a changed woman. Had my lemon water and gluten free oats this am. I feel insanely amazing. You know what else? It taught me to prioritize myself. Which is huge. Rather than just grabbing some crap to fill me up. It made me stop and make good choices with myself in mind. Never did that before. Love it."

- Whitney C. New York NY

"Thanks to Aaha I have established so many great eating habits and now I naturally go for better options!  If I start going off track I join another Aaha cleanse team and its a great restart into the healthy habits again. I love how light and guilt free I feel during AaHa weeks.  The team and Hala & Alexa give me the support and encouragement to get through the week -- now I look forward to AaHa and miss it when its over."
- Sima B. New York NY

"I first tried AaHa shortly post pregnancy. It jump started losing the baby weight & I felt great at the week's end!! I've taken many of the habits/recipes thru to my everyday life. And my family loves eating AaHa too!'
- Adrianne C. Philadelphia PA

"I lost 3lbs in one week! I felt lighter, more energized and my skin even had a glow. I was even able to maintain my weight loss while on vacation. This is a healthy way of eating that you can take with you anywhere through life, and the first program that I have done where I see long term results."
- Courtney B. Greenwich CT

"AaHa changed my outlook on healthy eating.  The week focuses heavily on teaching how to cook your own delicious meals AND how to chose wisely at any restaurant.  The online component of the AaHa cleanse is supportive informative and inspirational.  Without a doubt, I notice glowing skin, more energy and an overall lightness within just a few days.  I have done the AaHa week-long and express-week cleanses more times than I can count - I'm officially hooked!"
- Jocelynn C. New York NY